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Participation in Top 10 School Districts

GSP StudentSince 2001, GSP has served 375 students representing 31 different school districts plus 56 private schools. During this period, Scholars have attended 193 different schools, specifically 85 Elementary Schools, 69 Middle Schools, and 39 High Schools. 54% have been female and 46% male. 100% of GSP sophomores passed the Math and English portions of the California High School Exit Exam, at a rate nearly 22% higher than their peers in Santa Clara County. As of May 2013, GSP has a 100% high school graduation rate.

100% of our Scholars have met University of California’s ‘A-G’ requirements and 100% were accepted into 2-year [22%] and 4-year [78%] universities/colleges. In comparison, only 28% of all Santa Clara County students who graduate from high school actually meet UC’s ‘A-G’ requirements for admissions.
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Students GSP Goal: Develop and unleash the next generation of talent that will solve or contribute to solving some of the world’s biggest STEM problems.

With the goal in mind, the Greene Scholars Program is off to an exciting start this year. The program has grown from 76 to 110 scholars, as we have greatly expanded the program to accommodate growing demand from some very impressive young people. Scholars are divided into 3rd – 4th graders, led by Christina Thompson; 5th – 6th graders, led by Robin Morrison; 7th – 8th graders, led by Gerardo Campbell and Serita McPherson; 9th – 11th graders and Senior Academy led by Andrei Anderson and Tasha Castaneda.   

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Curriculum Updates
As we continue to update and standardize our curriculum, we are grateful for the assistance of Dr. Bryan Brown, Professor of Education at Stanford University, who is a new parent in the program.  Dr. Brown generously conducted a training session for all of our classroom teachers, providing tips and examples of how to design lesson plans that engage children for better learning.  Thanks also to Dr. Brown for sharing several of his lesson plans with us.

Our Math Committee designs the math curriculum for our monthly meetings, and also teaches the materials when appropriate.  Elementary scholars are focusing on math fact fluency and standards-based learning; middle school scholars are using MathCounts, which consists of grade-based word problems that test math foundation, as well as tools to measure and improve computation and math language; 9th and 10th grade scholars are focusing on PSAT and CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) test taking techniques and practice;  and 11th – 12th graders are focusing on SAT preparation. Our sincere thanks go to the Math Committee for contributing these additional resources to the program.

Greater Parent Participation
We are very pleased with the additional support that parents are providing to the program this year.  We made the appeal, and parents are heeding the call.  We have experienced parent support in the classrooms, especially from parents with long commutes, who stay to help out during the entire scholar meeting.  Others help however needed to address the range of issues that inevitably arise during our meetings.  Our thanks to all of you for your support, and let’s keep up the good work.

3rd-6th Grade Scholars
In the elementary school programs, the scholars are expanding their STEM knowledge with MouseSquad, Character Education, hands-on science experiments, and math preparation through IXL. With Mouse Squad, the scholars are learning to become digital media and technology experts, improving the use of technology to enhance learning, while also building confidence and developing skills for 21st century innovation. Through Character Education, the scholars are becoming ethically responsible and caring young people. Facilitators are modeling and teaching good character through an emphasis on universal values that we all share. The hands-on science experiments, enables "outside the box" creativity, by utilizing unconventional materials to conduct science experiments and to enhance their passion for science. Lastly mathematics, GSP utilizes a web based tool called IXL. Not only do scholars gain new skills on IXL; they gain a whole new appreciation for how fun math can be. This year the math focus is the Common Core Standards, as a result scholars are strengthening their math vocabulary and mathematical strategies structured for their grade level.

7th-8th Grade Scholars

The middle school program challenges our scholars to grow in character and STEM ability. Through interactive skits middle school students teach and learn the elements of great character: trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, fairness, citizenship and caring. Middle schoolers are regularly challenged with a real-life problem along with instruction to demonstrate their practical understanding of a principle of science, physics or engineering. For example, students must solve how to get pennies from one side of a pond to the other side using only a sheet of aluminum foil. In solving the problem, students reinforce their knowledge of buoyancy and displacement. Our scholars experience is further enriched by math exercises designed to improve competency, participation in NSBE events, Science and Career Fairs and Field Trips.

9th-11th Grade Scholars

Our high school programs focus on developing our scholars' skills and knowledge in math, biology, chemistry, and physics. We also provide them with opportunities that give them hands-on experience in experimental sciences, engineering, and technology. We move them on a path towards college acceptance and college success, building the skills and character necessary to achieve in college and beyond. Activities include NSBE chapter meetings, NSBE regional conferences, Summer Science Institute, Science Fair, Career Fair, and Field Trips.

Senior Academy
The Greene Scholars Program has been offering our Senior Academy for the past seven years.  This academy is offered to all seniors in the program.  The purpose of this program is to connect with the scholars and offer them help when preparing for college.  We help them with the college application, scholarships, and financial aid process.   The facilitator also discusses with the scholars which college(s) they are interested in.  We encourage our seniors to ask questions as they are preparing themselves to embark upon this academic journey.  Special thanks to Felicia Nance for serving as facilitator for the past three years. 

GSP 3rd Annual Elementary School Summer Science Institute

Student at work 2013: The Dr. Frank S. Greene Elementary School Scholars, have a lot to be excited about. We have completed our 3rd year of GSP Summer Science Institute. We started at NASA and moved to the Texas Instruments campus. Last year the focus was Sports Science, where the scholars we able to exercise in the name of science. They learned about proper nutrition, healthy physical activities and the science behind athletics. In addition, they had the opportunity to tour the TI campus and utilize TI’s athletic facility.

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2012: Leveraging the Ames Exploration Encounter Center, the Greene Scholars Program's Summer Science Institute returned to NASA Ames Research Center. Thirty-one elementary students of African ancestry were captivated by a week long interactive exploration into scientific concepts designed to bring science alive. This years' institute highlights included exploring concepts of rotational kinetic energy and plant science. Each morning, our budding research scientists observed and gathered data on their plant experiments to determine the best conditions for plant growth. Students were challenged to apply their developing research skills to produce a scientific presentation at weeks end. Visits to the robotics labs gave students an opportunity to better understand the importance and usage of robots aboard the International Space Station along with typical duties that astronauts perform. This magical week provided inspiration to our students as they both saw, but more importantly experienced science. GSP exercised the educational program designed by Ames Exploration Encounter Center to reinforce our long-term initiative that nurture students' interest in STEM. The GSP SSI enjoyed remarkable presentations from guest speakers: Karen Bradford, AMES Chief of Staff, Melissa Kirven-Brooks, Scientist-inventor and Astro-Biologist, Ray Gilstrap, Network engineer and Ames Deputy Director Lewis Braxton III. The weeklong institute was interspersed with extraordinary tours of Ames massive wind tunnel; Pleiades Supercomputer; and Flight Simulators.

GSP 7th Annual Middle School Summer Science Institute

2013: The middle school students were hosted by Texas Instrument for one week at the Santa Clara campus in June. The theme for this year was Sports Engineering and focused on exploring the science behind sports. The camp is offered each year to provide hands-on learning event to create excitement about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among these 30 high-achieving middle school scholars. During the week the students have the opportunity to work directly with a team of TI engineers and community speakers who volunteer their time and ideas for activities that explore innovation, product development and sports science. Students developed their own innovative projects and presented what they learned at week's end. Among the hands-on activities, included testing pedometers and examining sport-related products to nutrition. In addition, the students saw TI technology in action thru live demonstrations and participated in a "sports science challenge.". The students also enjoyed a variety of guests speakers, including Olympic Gold and Silver medalist, Millard Hampton and a visit from Stanford student athletes.. Students spent the week on the campus at TI and enjoyed meals in their corporate cafeteria to spending an entire day in their onsite gym facility. "Students are fascinated by science and innovation when they can actively participate in discovery. Throughout the week, our students examined several relevant physical, biological and mathematical principles associated with sports," said Gloria Whitaker-Daniels, program director of the Greene Scholars Program. "This unique opportunity for students to work alongside TI's best and brightest engineers will not only motivate and challenge our scholars, but will also deepen their understanding in how advancements in science and technology are relevant in sports.

2010: Hosted by Santa Clara University and sponsored by Cisco Foundation, twenty-four Santa Clara County 5th‐8th grade students of African ancestry spent a week exploring different areas of science and engineering. At 8am each morning, the students arrived via limo bus at Santa Clara University and were greeted by Sharon Parker, ASA Academy and her extended team of African American scientists and engineers. Each day was filled with a wealth of different experiences that challenged the students individually and in groups. Focus areas included chemical engineering, robotics, computer software, green science and project management. The students had a wonderful time bounding and learning from the challenge of working as project teams where each member's contributions were equally valued. The toughest challenge was to build a free‐standing bridge to specific specs using only 15 pieces of woods, no glue. It was awesome to see the students work as project teams and use their creativity to solve this problem. The students especially enjoyed building robots and programming them. Students also had a personalized tour of Santa Clara University's engineering labs and received a daily dose of what attending college would be like. Each day the students had lunch from a different restaurant giving them time to enjoy the sunny days outside and make new friends. The bus ride home was filled with songs and riddles. The closing ceremony: an ice cream social and thank you trophies to Santa Clara University's Dean of Admissions Sandra Hayes and facilitator Sharon Parker. Each student received a certificate mug to remember this wonderful week.

GSP 4th Annual High School Summer Science Institute

2013: The high scholers had another extraordinary experience and a wonderful time at their Summer Science Institute. The group was hosted by Santa Clara University in late June. Traditionally, the high school group is the smaller of the academies with an average 15, 9-12th graders. It provides a unique, rich and ideal environment to create project teams. The scholars joined together to experience Sports Science Engineering and project management. The scholars were responsible for designing and building an ideal sports facility for scholar athletes. Students developed their own innovative designs and presented what they learned at week's end to parents and guests. Students were part of a project team and facilitated by top science teachers and elite college interns and parent volunteers. The challenge brought out their best and gave the Scholars much insight into what path they might choose to pursue in the future. Once again the most intense part of the week was demonstrated as each project team created a product and carried it through a simulated design and project management process.

2010: Sponsored by DeVry University and Cisco Foundation, the High School Institute fired on all cylinders and the students had an absolutely wonderful time. 24 African American 9-12th graders from Alameda and Santa Clara County joined together to experience Biomedical Engineering, Computer Technology, physics/Robotics, Electronics, Photography and Project Management. Each day they arrive at the DeVry University Fremont Campus via limo bus ready to dive into an intensive day of learning. Taught by DeVry University's best professors, the students enjoyed treat after treat of new and engaging subject matter. The challenge brought out their best and gave the Scholars much insight into what path they might choose to pursue in the future. Each Scholar shared their plans for the future, and reflected on their life journey during the creative writing segment. Their statements were both powerful and inspiring. Once again the most intense part of the week was demonstrated as each project team created a product and carried it through a simulated design and project management process. Surely the students have a better understanding what might be expected of them when they join a project team in the future.

Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT)

Students The PSAT is a standardized test that provides firsthand practice for the SAT Reasoning Test. The Greene Scholars Programs has been offering our scholars the opportunity to take the PSAT exam for the past 10 years in conjunction with the Milpitas Unified School District.  Once again, the GSP was well represented and this year’s turnout was exceptional as expected.  Each October, the PSAT exam is an opportunity for our scholars to familiarize themselves in preparation for the SAT exam required for college admission. The PSAT measures reading, problem-solving in math, writing, reasoning, and critical thinking. Taking the exam while in 6-10th grade also helps our scholars to gain their confidence when preparing for the SAT.  Finally, this exam also gives students a chance to enter National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) scholarship programs as high school juniors.    

Character Education

Students In addition to character education modules conducted at monthly meetings, our Scholars also give back to the community. Our most recent outreach has been to serve as volunteers for a day at RAFT in San Jose. The 20 students and parents assembled and prepared materials under the direction of RAFT staff members.    

11th Annual Greene Scholars Science Fair

Students The 11th Annual GSP Science Fair held in January 2013 was a resounding success! We had 71 scholars who participated in this remarkable event. The quality of the projects were impressive and the thought and execution that the scholars put into the projects were commended by those in attendance at the Science Fair. 

The Science Fair continues to be a cornerstone activity within the Greene Scholars Program which allows students in grades 3 through 12 to demonstrate their creativity, scientific knowledge, confidence and presentations skills where nearly 40 medals were awarded accompanied with monetary prizes. The community response for this event was overwhelming. We had over 50 judges who participated in the Science Fair and we had our largest attendance family, friends and community representative during the public viewing of the Science Fair projects. Our Science Fair also received media coverage in the Mercury News which showcased the wonderful efforts of our scholars. 

In addition, seven middle and high school scholars took their projects to Synopsys Regional Science and Engineering Championships in March to represent their school and Greene Scholars.

Congratulations to ALL Greene Scholars who participated in our 11th Annual GSP Science Fair! 

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Math Engineering Science Achievement (MESA)

Students For 11 years, Greene Scholars has participated in MESA's annual competitions. Congratulations to all of our Greene Scholars who participated in the MESA Day Regional Competition at San Jose State in March of 2013. Preparing for MESA Day was particularly challenging this year, as only a limited number of students were allowed to participate, unlike previous years. This meant we had to select teams to represent the GSP only weeks after the Science Fair and Gala. This scheduling problem left very little time for our scholars to prepare for MESA Day. Despite the difficulties, they pulled it off, came prepared to compete, and represented us very well!

This year, 26 scholars completed projects and participated in MESA Day. Collectively, our 26 participants won 18 medals and 7 advanced to the MESA Day Regional Competition in April at CSU EastBay! And now, for the list of medal winners.

Speak Up - 6th Grade  
1st Place: Samuel Weller, 6th Grade 
2nd Place: Najwa Muhammad, 6th Grade
3rd Place: Yazmeen Norwood, 6th Grade 
Model Science - The Eye: 6th-8th Grade   
1st Place: Jacquelyn Jones, Yazmeen Norwood, 6th Grade   
Mousetrap Car - Distance--- 9th-12th Grade 
1st Place: Afari La-Anyane, 11th; Shelby Johnson, 10th    
Mousetrap Car - Creativity/Design
2nd Place: Taylor Miller,  10th   
3rd Place: Auston Anderson, Austin Drake, 11th   
Lego Robotics - Best Oral Presentation-- 6th-8th Grade 
2nd Place: Natania JonesMitchell; Naima Castaneda-Isaac, 7th   
Solo Math High School:  Geometry 
1st Place: Raelene Parker, 10th 
3rd Place: Taylor Miller, 10th   
Solo Math Middle School:  General Math 
1st Place: Dion DuPree, 6th 
Solo Math: Pre-Algebra 
1st Place: Ramzee Nwokolo, 8th     

And finally, congratulations to our winners at the Regional Competition!  

Speak Up - 6th Grade
1st Place: Samuel Weller Speak Up - 6th Grade
2nd Place: Yazmeen Norwood Speak Up - 6th Grade
3rd Place: Najwa Muhammad
Model Science - The Eye
3rd Place: Jacquelyn Jones; Yazmeen Norwood  

Congratulations to all our MESA participants for a job well done.

National Society of Black Engineers Pre-College Initiative (NSBE-PCI)

Students From November 15 – 17, 2013, a delegation of approximately 50 participants (scholars and parents) represented the Greene Scholars Program at the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Fall Regional Conference at the Gateway Sheraton in Los Angeles. At the Conference, our scholars attended workshops, heard inspiring and motivating speakers and participated in science-related activities.

Our elementary scholars explored science and math in the Kid Zone. Additionally, some of them surprised the middle school scholars with their superior skills in the bridge building workshop. Our youngest scholars were especially pleased to collect lots of free items from NSBE corporate sponsors (and future employers?) at the NSBE career fair.

Our middle school scholars were kept particularly busy that weekend, participating in a Lego Robotics workshop, a NASCAR Ten 80 workshop, and the Kid Wind wind power competition, in which Ayinde Olukotun and Kobi Johnsson placed third overall. Additionally, we sent three middle school teams—the maximum—to compete in the MathCounts competition, with our teams placing second and third overall. Congratulations to all our participants and winners: (Second Place) Naima Casteneda – Issac, Dion Dupre, Devon DuPre and Paige Alston; and (Third Place) Kayla Choates, Clifford Choate, Jacquelyn Jones, and Ayinde Olukotun.

Our high school scholars attended various workshops and seminars related to developing excellent study skills, ensuring college readiness, and focusing on career planning.

Congratulations to all our conference participants. We look forward to having the Greene Scholars Program represented at the NSBE Regional Conference and National Convention in 2014 - 2015.

GSP 7th Annual Career Fair - Inspiring Future Career Success

Students 2014: The Frank Greene Scholars Program (GSP) partnered with Texas Instruments (TI) Santa Clara, CA site to conduct its 7th Annual Career Fair on Saturday, April 26, 2014. TI hosted approximately 85 GSP scholars, 30 professionals, including TI employees, and scholar parents. The Career Fair comprised of activities such as mock interviews; a scholar workshop - “High School Readiness”; and an engineering competition.

Scholars in 3rd-4th grade participated in activities such as creating a resume; learning about the four forces of flight; and building “loop airplanes”. Scholars in 5th-12th grade participated in two (2) mock interviews with community professionals, including GSP parents, whose careers ranged from various engineering fields, business management, accounting, computer science, marketing, communication, broadcasting, and criminology. Additionally, scholars in 7th-8th grade participated in a “High School Readiness” workshop while 9th-12th grade scholars competed in a Balsa Wood Bridge engineering competition. Our high school scholars demonstrated the engineering process by designing, building, and testing their balsa wood bridges.

An awards ceremony acknowledging winners of the GSP Engineering Competition and scholar participation at the Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championship was held at the conclusion of the Career Fair.

GSP, TI, and our community volunteers joined together to successfully share career information with our scholars.

Students 2013: The Frank Greene Scholars Program (GSP) partnered with Texas Instruments (TI) Santa Clara, CA site to conduct its annual Career Fair on Saturday, April 20, 2013. TI hosted approximately 70 GSP scholars, 35 professionals, including 14 TI employees, and scholar parents. Activities included mock interviews; a panel discussion with TI employees whose jobs represented product development, marketing and sales; a scholar workshop - "Find a Career, Not a Job"; and a parent discussion with HR representatives regarding high-tech company’s expectations for the new workforce.

Scholars in 3rd-5th grade participated in activities such as resume development; workshops on social skills and interview/introduction preparation; STEM guest speakers to discuss their careers, and had a discussion of transitioning from elementary school, to middle school, then to high school. Scholars in 6th-12th grade participated in two (2) mock interviews with community professionals whose careers ranged from various engineering fields, medicine, business management, computer science, game design, marketing, journalism, and law. This interaction provided an opportunity for our scholars to seek knowledge and advice from professionals and have a meaningful discussion in their career area of interest. GSP, TI, and our community volunteers joined together to successfully share and gain knowledge and inspire the scholars to move forward and upward as they pursue their future career goals.

Semi-Annual GSP Robotics Camp

Students 2012: Eleven middle school Scholars attended the Greene Scholars Program's Robotics Camp held at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field during July 2012. Although none of these students had any experience in either C programming or building robotics, their excitement was apparent by the end of the first day as they successfully wrote their first programs to make their robots move. As the week progressed the students learned valuable lessons on programming and attention to detail. On Friday, the students competed on the various lessons that were taught throughout the week. Teams earned points by designing their robots to move objects into scoring zones or by having their robots fulfill certain maneuvers. It was exciting to witness the outcome especially after watching the students strategized all week for the competition. At the closing ceremonies students and teams were recognized in categories that reflected their effort for the week. Areas included most enthusiastic team; most creative robot design; best efforts in programming; most creative program; trailblazers; and best teamwork.

2010: The Greene Scholars Program in partnership with MOUSE Squad of California and NASA's Summer of Innovation hosted our middle school Computer and Robotics Camp on July 26-30, 2010 at the Santa Clara County Office of Education. During the five-day workshop middle school students explored online curriculum with computer, software, and problem solving modules coupled with hands-on computer troubleshooting and robotics workshops. Students spent 30 hours learning Information Technology, customer service, communication, and project management and leadership skills. Students also broadened their understanding of careers available in technology and computer science.

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Greene Scholars Summer Math Academy

Smiling Students 2013: Over three weeks 30 incoming 6th-11th grade students of African ancestry attended the second annual Greene Scholars Program’s Math Academy. Through the use of rigorous, hands-on, interactive and blended curriculum, students prepared themselves for their upcoming school year of Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry classes. The academy ran Monday through Friday for 4 hours over 12 days. Students conducted several science experiments and also researched STEM careers. During the entire academy, students were fully engaged learning math problem solving techniques, challenging games and contests and collaborating on science based research presentations. The greatest accomplishment has been getting the kids excited about math. Students proudly demonstrated what they learned confirmed by amazing growth with pre/post standardized testing and showed confidence as to their readiness for the next school year.

Connecting math to real world applications, for 12 hours of the academy, GSP employed elements of NASA’s Summer of Innovation curriculum leveraging units and lessons focused on Physical Science and Aeronautics including Earth vs. Mars; Thermal Protection, Aeronautics and Spaghetti Anyone. Students’ research included understanding Newton’s First Law of Motion, Big Bang Theory, Effects of Radiation, First Law of Thermodynamics and Structural Design principles.

2012: A cohort of forty incoming 6th-10th grade students of African American and Hispanic ancestry attended the Greene Scholars Program's Math Academy. Through the use of rigorous, hands-on, interactive and blended curriculum, students prepared themselves for their upcoming school year of Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry classes. The academy ran daily for 4.5 hours over 16 days at two separate sites. Students conducted numerous science experiments, researched NASA, and studied the Periodic Table of Elements. During the entire academy, students were fully engaged learning math problem solving techniques, challenging games and contests and collaborating on science based research presentations on human anatomy and physiology. The greatest accomplishment has been getting the kids excited about math. Students proudly demonstrated what they learned confirmed by amazing growth with pre/post standardized testing and showed confidence as to their readiness for the next school year.

Connecting math to real world applications, for 36 hours of the academy, GSP employed elements of NASA's Summer of Innovation curriculum leveraging units and lessons focused on Life Sciences (human anatomy, physiology and training like an astronaut) plus Physical Sciences (properties of matter). Students created large-scale drawings of major organ systems, investigated the effects of space travel on organs, performed experiments, and finally prepared team presentations that clarified functions, flow and effects of space travel on these systems.


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Oriki Theater's 2011 Summer Rites of Passage Program

Smiling Students Oriki Theater's Rites of Passage Program presented in partnership with the Eta Sigma Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity will host its 6-week 2011 Summer Rites of Passage Program starting July 7. The program will kick off with an opening ceremony / orientation and end with a closing / passage ceremony on Saturday, August 6. Thirteen Greene Scholars middle and high school boys have been accepted into this year's program. The Rites of Passage Program is designed to lead teenage African American boys socially and spiritually to manhood: a status of responsibility, with earned rights and privileges and corresponding duties and obligations to society.

The axis on which the program pivots is a set of eight principles borrowed from traditional African rites of passage programs. The program strengthens essential life and academic skills, increases awareness of African American culture, provides participants a greater sense of self worth, the value of family and community, promotes leadership in school and in the community, and provides mentoring relationships with professionally and personally successful role models. Each participant is assigned a mentor to coach each Scholar through the program. Notable leaders in the African American community facilitate the series of interactive workshops. The curriculum features: team building and leadership development; community projects; assigned reading and discussions; individual projects and presentations; and a formal passage ceremony.

Scholars Shout Outs
Scholars Shout Outs

MESA Day - San Jose State University
Jr. High School:
Jordan Thompson: 3rd place Mousetrap Car
Stephanie Hoff: 1st place Bridges
Dameon Wright Jr.    1st place Bridges
High School:
Roderick Jones:         1st place    Manila Mechanics
Isaiah Rigmaiden-Daniels: 1st place   Manila Mechanics
Austin Drake: 1st place   Mousetrap Car
Austin Anderson: 1st place   Mousetrap Car
Shelby Johnson: 3rd place  Mousetrap Car
Alesha Cox-Harris: 1st place   EggXpress 11th/12th
Josephine Kimani: 1st place   EggXpress 11th/12th
10th GSP Annual Science Fair Results:
Grade 3 Winners:
Grand Prize Grade 3 Nicholas Baham IV
1st Place Grade 3 Elijah Weller
HM Grade 3 Nia Walker
HM Grade 3 Sianai Washington
Grade 4 Winners:
Grand Prize Grade 4 Naja Jones Mitchell
Grand Prize Grade 4 Ayinde Olukotun
1st Place Grade 4 Kobi Johnsson
HM Grade 4 Tyson Montoya
HM Grade 4 Naomi Poe
Grade 5 Winners:
Grand Prize Grade 5 Dion DuPree
Grand Prize Grade 5 Samuel Weller
1st Place Grade 5 Najwa Muhammad
1st Place Grade 5 Yazmeen Norwood
HM Grade 5 Ce'Leah Montoya
HM Grade 5 Laila Wemusa
Grade 6 Winners:
Grand Prize Grade 6 Natania Jones Mitchell
Grand Prize Grade 6 Kameron Walker
1st Place Grade 6 Naima Castaneda Isaac
1st Place Grade 6 Sarah Clarke
HM Grade 6 Chika Mbonu
HM Grade 6 Keyshaun McLeod
Grade 7 Winners:
Grand Prize Grade 7 Redeat Adane
Grand Prize Grade 7 Matthew Hicks
1st Place Grade 7 Stephanie Hoff
1st Place Grade 7 Ramzee Nwokolo
1st Place Grade 7 Dameon Wright, Jr
HM Grade 7 Tamieka Gibbs
HM Grade 7 Toure Oliver
Grade 8 Winners:
Grand Prize Grade 8 Galila Amedie
Grand Prize Grade 8 Adam Rhetta
1st Place Grade 8 Beruke Negussie
1st Place Grade 8 Saron Tedla
HM Grade 8 Nirel Jones Mitchell
HM Grade 8 Avery Parrish
Grade 9 Winners:
Grand Prize Grade 9 Taylor Miller
Grand Prize Grade 9 Cialysiah Washington
1st Place Grade 9 Roderick Jones
1st Place Grade 9 Kenan Mathews
HM Grade 9 Raelene Parker
HM Grade 9 Ime-Christina Uboh
Grades 10 - 11 Winners:
Grand Prize Grade 10 Rahel Mengistu
Grand Prize Grade 11 Rebeka Seleshi
1st Place Grade 10 Jacob Amedie
1st Place Grade 10 Auston Anderson
HM Grade 10 Afari Anyane
HM Grade 11 Kiarra Ranson
Grade 12 Research Project Winners:
Best Oral Presentation Grade 12 Richard Wroblewski
Best Research Paper Grade 12 Alesha Cox-Harris
Best Research Paper Grade 12 Josephine Kimani
Best Research Paper Grade 12 Christopher Pratt
Best Team/Collaboration Grade 12 Tulani Aytch
Best Team/Collaboration Grade 12 Kolin Daniels
Best Team/Collaboration Grade 12 Bryson Young
Special Awards:
Best Graphical Presentation Grade 11 Rebeka Seleshi
Originality of Question or Approach Grade 5 Dion DuPree
Sharpest Board Grade 3 Nicholas Baham IV
Most Creative, Unique Project Grade 8 Nirel Jones Mitchell
Best Use of Recycled Materials Grade 11 Joseph Kimani
Scholars that competed at Synopsys 2012:
Auston Anderson Keyshaun McLeod
Roderick Jones Rebeka Seleshi
Afari La-Anyane Dameon Wright
Toure' Oliver Cialysiah Washington
GSP Summer Science Institutes

Smiling Students The Greene Scholars Program will offer three one-week STEM Institutes for high-achieving Bay Area elementary, middle and high school students looking for a unique summer experience. Students will spend an exciting, full week exploring and investigating a variety of fascinating topics in Space Science, Aeronautics, Space Station, Earth Science, Robotics, Solar Technology, Materials / Reliability Testing, Audio / Acoustics, Sports Science / Human Performance, Green Technology, Sustainability Management, Product Development and Project Management. All workshops are inquiry based, hands-on, and interactive. Emphasis is placed on promoting science confidence, stimulating intellectual curiosity and enjoyment. Only 90 students will be selected for this special opportunity.

Summer Science Institute Elementary School will be held at NASA Ames
Summer Science Institute Middle School will be held at Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
Summer Science Institute High School will be held at DeVry University

100 Black Men of America National Convention

The 100 Black Men of America will celebrate 25 years of Mentoring Leadership at their national convention to be held June 9-12, 2011 at the Marriott Marquis San Francisco. Five Greene Scholars will participate in the conference kickoff celebration on the morning of June 9th. Bryson Young will provide a clarinet solo during the ceremonial entrance of the chairman, chairman emeritus, president emeritus and all 100 BMOA chapter presidents. Followed later in the program, three additional Scholars, Charlene Gage, Clifford Choates, and Andrew Williams II, will highlight their voices through individual solo tributes.

Eta Rho Omega Foundation 23rd Annual African American Baccalaureate

Smiling Students Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is the oldest sorority for African American University women in the United States. This year in conjunction with the Eta Rho Omega Community Foundation Inc., the local graduate chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, hosted a special program to honor high school graduates as part of their service to the African American community. The 23rd Annual African American Baccalaureate program was held Sunday, June 5, 2011 at Emmanuel Baptist Church in San Jose.  During the program, students were honored for participating in: community, extra-curricular, civic, and cultural activities.  They also were recognized for scholastic honors, most improved student honors, leadership, and sports. Each participant received a certificate of congratulations.  Some participants received monetary awards or plaques for outstanding participation in the areas noted above.  Our 2011 honorees were Aaron Anderson, Michael Combs, Charlene Gage, Megan Gage and Andrew Williams II.

GSP Year-End Middle School Field Trip

Smiling Students The GSP Middle School trip to Chabot Space & Science Center was a great success. The staff at Chabot was very accommodating. The Scholars enjoyed two outstanding I Max movies.The first show was about about the mysteries of the Great Pyramids in Egypt and the discovery of King Tut's tomb. We also learned about the Egyptians and their appreciation of life and their relationship with the Nile river during ancient times. After lunch, the scholars explored some of the many exhibits.

The second show was about the ancient Mayan civilization of Central America.The Mayans were some of the greatest astronomers in history. The Mayan calendar is still highly regarded today. Both civilizations built their cities in relationship to the stars. After the shows, scholars had free time to explore the whole the Center. There was enough to keep everybody busy the rest of the day. Scholars learned about everything from the changing weather to outer space.

MESA Graduation and Milestone Awards

Seven GSP Scholars were honored at the MESA Annual Senior Recognition and Awards Ceremony. Stephanie Hoff, Roderick Jones, Jacob Amedie and Rebeka Seleshi received Milestone Recognition Awards. Milestone Recognition Awards are given for outstanding participation in our middle and high school MESA chapters. Aaron Anderson and Michael Combs received Certificate of Graduation and MESA sashes. Finally, Megan Gage received Outstanding Achievement Certificate of Graduation, a MESA sash, $1000 Scholarship and a paid 10-week summer internship at NASA Ames Research. In addition, Andrew Williams II and Charlene Gage received MESA certificate of participation for their years of leadership as MESA officers.

Summer Math and Science Honor Academy

Smiling Students Sponsored by the Level Playing Field Institute, SMASH Academy is a 5-week residential math and science summer enrichment program held each summer at UC Berkeley and for the first year at Stanford University. After a grueling five month admission process, which included online applications, math assessment, teacher recommendations, essays and student/parent interviews, four GSP Scholars were admitted as SMASH Scholars to the Stanford campus program starting July 18, 2011.

Congratulations to Jacob Amedie, Tulani Aytch, Kolin Daniels and Bryson Young. These young men join Megan Gage and Alesha Cox-Harris who have been SMASH Scholars for 3 and 2 years, respectively.

MESA Regionals

Early Saturday morning, 13 Scholars board two buses along with MESA winner from throughout the South Bay for the two hour drive north to Sonoma State University. After a day of wild and rigorous competitions, the Greene Scholars proudly brought home six medals. All Scholars represented well in their respected categories. Congratulations to following Scholars for placing in this year's competition. Congratulations to Jacob Amedie, Tulani Aytch, Kolin Daniels and Bryson Young. These young men join Megan Gage and Alesha Cox-Harris who have been SMASH Scholars for 3 and 2 years, respectively.

6th grade Speak Up 1st place Silas Cox
7th-8th grade Speak Up 2nd place Kenan Mathews
Stick Together-Strength to Weight Ratio 2nd place Stephanie Hoff
Stick Together-Strength to Weight Ratio 2nd place Dameon Wright Jr.
Stick Together-Creativity 2nd place Stephanie Hoff
Stick Together-Creativity 2nd place Dameon Wright Jr.
VEX Robotics 4th place Davante Gooch
VEX Robotics 4th place D'Andre Gooch
Career Fair

Smiling Students Scholars dressed for success with resumes in hand to converse with nearly 40 professionals from throughout Silicon Valley for the first GSP Career Fair in over six years. Scholars were paired with interviewers that align with their area of interest. Each student participated in a semi-formal interview experience, and had the opportunity to discuss their passion and deepen their understanding of what it takes to be successful in their field of interest. 

The interviewers also had an opportunity to share information about their profession, how they prepared for their career and words of encouragement and wisdom. The interviewers, facilitators and exhibitors were VERY impressed and inspired by the Scholars. Many of our visitors had never heard of the Greene Scholars Program prior to this invitation. They really enjoyed this opportunity to meet the Scholars, talk with the parents, and witness firsthand the incredibly valuable skills and exposure our program is providing.

SCCABE Annual Student Achievement Awards

Smiling Students The Santa Clara County Alliance of Black Educators held its 22nd Annual Student Recognition Program at Parkside Hall in Downtown San Jose. The event was supported by the Santa Clara County Office of Education, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and the San Jose City Council. This annual event is held to encourage student achievement, affirm the dignity of African-American students and to recognize the support of family and community in the lives of our children.

San Jose Links Celebration of the Arts 2011

Each April, "A Celebration of the Arts" is presented by The San Jose Chapter of the Links at the beautiful La Petit Trianon. This Spring Youth Concert featured students attending public and private schools residing in Santa Clara County in a musical recital, both vocal and instrumental.

All students have demonstrated significant ability, interest and talent in instrumental performing arts. GSP Scholar Bryson Young was one of 12 participants this year. This was Bryson's first experience in the event, now in it's 5th year. Bryson played "Jesus, You're the Center of My Joy" on his clarinet. Andrew Williams II, another GSP Scholar, did a fine job on the piano.

Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championships

Smiling Students This year, six Greene Scholars participated in the Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championships at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center were they presented their science projects to a panel of scientists. Toure Oliver received recognition at the Synopsys Science Fair Awards Ceremony on April 3rd where he received 4 complimentary tickets to Great America and received a $50 Cash award from San Jose State University Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. Congratulations to all participants.

Middle School:
Toure Oliver: Glowing Water (Chemistry)
Jordan Moore: Do You Know the Muffin Man (Behavioral/Social)
High School:
Auston Anderson: Swimming in the Lake (Environmental Sciences)
Tulani Aytch, Kolin Daniels, Bryson Young: An Investigation of Bacterial Contamination of Refrigeration Water Dispensers (Biochemistry/Microbiology)
2011 San Jose State University MESA Day

Scholars were awarded a record number of 15 medals at MESA Day. Preliminaries were held at San Jose State University for a wide variety of STEM categories. All winner advanced to MESA Regionals to be held at Sonoma Sate University. MESA Day winners include:

Middle School MESA
Solo Math Test-Pre-Algebra 3rd place Taivon Baker
Solo Math Test-Geometry 2nd place Afari La-Anyane
Solo Math Test-Geometry 3rd place Gleana Hill
Speak Up 1st place Silas Cox
Speak Up 3rd place Kenan Mathews
Stick Together-Strength to Weight Ratio 1st place Stephanie Hoff
Stick Together-Strength to Weight Ratio 1st place Dameon Wright Jr.
High School MESA
Solo Math Test-Calculus 1st place Megan Gage
Speak Easy 11th/12th 2nd place Michael Combs
Mousetrap Car-Power 2nd place Andrew Williams II
Mousetrap Car-Power 2nd place Aaron Anderson
Mousetrap Car-Accuracy 2nd place Austin Drake
Mousetrap Car-Accuracy 2nd place Auston Anderson
EggXpress 11th/12th 3rd place Alesha Cox-Harris
EggXpress 11th/12th 3rd place Charlene Gage.
Dr. Frank S. Greene Scholars Program - Class of 2011 Scholarships
Aaron Anderson Megan Gage (Clifford K. Sessions Memorial Scholarship Recipient)
Michael Combs Martina Morales
Charlene Gage Andrew Williams II
Fine Arts on Display in San Francisco

Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco4th grader Clifford Choates will showcase his musical talents at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on Feb 19-20, 2011 with the San Francisco Children Musical Theater. Clifford has both a rare acting and singing role in the production called Rock 'n Roll Reunion.

National Black MBA Association - Leaders of Tomorrow

National Black MBA Association - Leaders of Tomorrow Three GSP Scholars Charlene Gage, Tulani Aytch, and Kolin Daniels wowed a judging panel of Wells Fargo corporate executives with their team presentation and responses to a business challenge related to teen banking. For five months they analyzed and synthesized information regarding teens purchasing power and money/savings habits. The culmination of this work was presented to individuals representing Wells Fargo's Marketing team. Unexpectedly, each team member received a stipend for their work at the closing ceremonies where sponsors showed their appreciation to the students and their mentors.

PSAT Scholarship Eligibility

PSAT Scholarship Eligibility The National Achievement® Scholarship Program is an academic competition established in 1964 to provide recognition for outstanding Black American high school students. More than 160,000 Students took the 2009 PSAT/NMSQT and requested consideration in the 2011 National Achievement Scholarship Program; Megan Gage was selected as one of the recipients out of 71,000 who applied for the 2011 award. Congratulations Megan!

100 Black Men of Silicon Valley - 16th Annual Scholarship Award Gala

100 Black Men of Silicon Valley - 16th Annual Scholarship Award GalaThe 100 BLACK MEN of Silicon Valley is an organization dedicated to helping African American youth by providing scholarships and mentoring. In addition, they promote health & wellness, entrepreneurship, networking and economic development in order to improve the quality of life for all in our local communities. Greene Scholars who were awarded and recognized were Aaron Anderson and Megan Gage. Aaron was recognized as a semi finalist and received a book award. Megan was recognized as a finalist and received a scholarship. Previous GSP winners include:


Aaron Rhetta, Charity Hawkins, & Alexandria Wroblewski
2009: James Hill III
2008: Kathryn Daniels (Top Scholar), Kayla Pitre (MESA), Sara Tsegaye, & Lavon Gray
2007: Amie Sulaiman (Top Scholar), Ayiesha Williams, & JaNayla Osby
2006: Krystina Daniels (Top Scholar), & Lauren Pinkston
2005: Yha'Mourhia Wright, Derric Bynum, Stephon Striplin, & Kennetra Mays
2004: Jamon Osby & Jelani Young
MESA Regionals

MESA RegionalsCongratulations to Megan Gage and Charity Hawkins for placing 1st and 2nd respectively in the MESA Regionals Speak Easy Competition.

MESA Day 2010

MESA Day 2010 Greene Scholars were well represented and were awarded eight medals at the MESA Day Preliminaries held at San Jose State, and all are eligible to go on to MESA Day Regionals to be held at Cal State East Bay on April 17. Congratulations to all who participated!!

Junior High:
Manila Mechanics Strength - Weight 1st place Afari La-Anyane
Manila Mechanics Innovative Design 3rd place Afari La-Anyane
High School:
EggXpress 1st place Aaron Rhetta and Diamond Adams
Mousetrap Car Power - Distance 1st place Aaron Anderson & Andrew Williams II
Speak Easy 1st place Megan Gage
Speak Easy 3rd place Charity Hawkins
Science Fair Banquet

Science Fair BanquetWe completed our wonderful weekend with our Science Fair Banquet held at the Holiday Inn - Silicon Valley. The banquet turned out to be more powerful than even envisioned. It was a blessing to have both Frank Greene III and Henry Gage attend, representing Dr. Greene's family. They both shared how appreciative they were at the outpouring of love they felt throughout the room.

It meant a lot to them to have both the Scholars and parents individually reflect and collectively express their admiration for Dr. Greene. There wasn't a dry eye in the room by completion of the Scholars' powerful closing ceremony. In addition to the Science Fair awards, all of our Class of 2010 seniors were honored. Each graduating senior received scholarship funds to apply to tuition upon verified enrollment in the college or university of their choice.

Greene Scholars Program Science Fair

Greene Scholars Program Science Fair Greene Scholars ranging from 3rd - 10th grades exhibited their Science Fair boards at Cypress Semiconductor. Sixteen judges representing research, industry, and education spent the morning weaving their way through the exhibits to listen to the Scholars explain their scientific investigation covering 13 areas of science. The Mercury News produced a touching story highlighted some of our littlest Scholars' projects and gave voice to their work and promise. Our kids are brilliant and completely charming.

Dr. Frank S. Greene Scholars Program - Class of 2010 Scholarships
Diamond Adams Alexandria Wroblewski
Alexia Cox-Harris Aaron Rhetta
Jared Sessions Charity Hawkins (Clifford K. Sessions Memorial Scholarship Recipient)
GSP Science Fair

GSP Science Fair GSP Science Fair was also featured on Milpitas Magazine TV (Comcast MCTV26) - Episode 6.

Science Fair Winners

K-5th Grade Winners:
Grand Prize: Brandon Melson
1st place: Xavier Brooks
HM: Jordan Thompson-Davis
6th-8th Grade Winners:
Grand Prize: Adam Rhetta
Grand Prize: Kenan Mathews
1st place: Avery Parrish
1st place: Rahel Mengistu
HM: Gino Thomas
HM: Dmarte Arafiles
9th-10th Grade Winners:
Grand Prize: Tulani Aytch
1st place: Kolin Daniels
HM: Bryson Young
Special Awards Winners
Best Graphical Presentation Kolin Daniels
Most Promising Research Study Shelby Johnson
Sharpest Board Xavier Brooks
Most Creative, Unique Project Tulani Aytch
Best Use of Recycled Materials Nastassja Woods
Regional MESA Day

Regional MESA Day Sacramento State University hosted students from throughout the state to compete for the best of their class. Congratulations to the following Regionals winners and participants:

Senior Mousetrap Cars (POWER)
Aaron Anderson - 1st Place
Aaron Anderson and Andrew Williams II - 2nd Place
Junior High - Speak Up Keenan Matthews (participant)
MESA Graduation and Milestone Awards

MESA Graduation and Milestone Awards Four GSP Scholars were honored at the MESA Annual Senior Recognition and Awards Ceremony. Alesha Cox-Harris and Bryson Young received Milestone Recognition Awards. Milestone Recognition Awards are given for outstanding participation in our middle school MESA chapter. Jameka March and Kathryn Daniels received Outstanding Achievement Certificate of Graduation, a MESA sash, and $1000 Scholarships.

11th Annual National Society of Black Engineers Golden Torch Awards

11th Annual National Society of Black Engineers Golden Torch Awards The National Society of Black Engineers 34th Convention was held March 2008, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Additionally, East Bay NSBE Jr. has the honor of producing the National Society of Black Engineers Pre-College Initiative Female of the Year, Kathryn Daniels.

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