About GSP

StudentsLeveraging our unique collaborative model, the Greene Scholars Program assists youth successfully complete higher education in STEM, and serve as positive role models and contributors to their communities. GSP uses technology to reinforce core subject knowledge through hands-on, student-centered project learning. We provide enrichment opportunities that expose scholars to career path options, the workplace, and innovation in technology. We believe that as scholars build and apply these skills, their STEM-competence and STEM-confidence grows, providing what they need to improve their performance in all academic areas.


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STEM Enrichment

StudentsScholars receive programming specific to their grade level. 3rd-4th grade, 5th-6th grade, 7th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade workshops are offered monthly focused on math, science, engineering and technology projects. As appropriate, each Scholar is required to participate in the GSP Annual Science Fair and Engineering competitions, STEM Field Trips and our Outdoor Adventure Camps.

Academic Planning

Scholar Student Each academic year, the Scholars and their parents receive and are encouraged to take advantage of academic services available through the Greene Scholars Program to ensure that they successfully navigate their education and are on track to fulfill the University of California's 'A-G' requirements. Scholars also receive periodic recognition for academic, community service and enrichment activity involvement. Graduating seniors receive GSP sponsored scholarships upon proof of academic enrollment from the college, university, or institution of higher learning of their choice.

Character/Leadership/Entrepreneurial Training

Scholar Student GSP programming is designed to develop 21st century leaders with strong science/mathematics backgrounds coupled with innovation, entrepreneurial/leadership and problem solving skills. Character development is also an essential element of the program. Scholars are also encouraged to be service ambassadors giving back through community service and outreach.

College & Career Preparation

Smiling Students 100% of GSP graduates are college-ready. This means that ALL of our students have passed the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE), and have graduated from high school. Scholars receive powerful enrichment and preparation for college admission exams, college application and financial aid processes. Community outreach attracts guest speakers who promote STEM career opportunities, discuss industry trends and emphasizes academic rigor required.

Parent Education & Involvement

Family Parents are required to volunteer four hours per month. Leveraging their technical expertise and individual leadership, parents perform specific roles in the organization until their Scholar graduates from high school. In addition to supporting the needs of the program, parents also receive powerful enrichment, best practices and strategies for engaging and motivating their children.

Our Director

Gloria Whitaker-Daniels​ Dr. Ayodele Thomas has been a parent volunteer for GSP since 2013, and has served as program director since 2015.

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Our Founder

Debra WatkinsDebra Watkins founded GSP in 2001, after earning an MA degree at Stanford through its Teacher Education Program (STEP).

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Our Inspiration

Dr. Frank S. Greene, Jr.Dr. Frank S. Greene, Jr. was one of the first African-American pioneering technologists of Silicon Valley.

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Our Staff

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