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StudentsLeveraging our unique collaborative model, the Greene Scholars Program assists youth successfully complete higher education in STEM, and serve as positive role models and contributors to their communities. Students need access to enrichment opportunities that provide engaging experiences to expose them to career path options, the workplace, and innovation in technology. The GSP uses technology to reinforce core subject knowledge through hands-on, student-centered applied learning while simultaneously building a strong foundation of knowledge in STEM skills through project-based learning. It is our belief that as students build and apply these skills, their enthusiasm for learning will continue to grow. This process will unveil to them their full potential providing them with the added confidence needed and the necessary work ethic to improve their performance in all academic areas.

GSP nurtures our Scholars from entrance into the program through high school graduation. Our scholars receive year-round hands-on math, science and technology experiences and workshops; compete in annual science fairs and engineering competitions; and participate in entrepreneurial/leadership programs. Participants typically average 75-125 hours of hands-on, direct programming per year with an additional 30-50 hours of enrichment via collaborating organizations. These experiences strengthen the student's entrepreneurial/leadership and problem solving skills, build the student's self-esteem, stimulate the student's intellectual curiosity and provide self-motivation to continue their exploration in STEM fields. Programming offered to Scholars and parents focuses on five distinct areas.


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STEM Enrichment

StudentsScholars receive programming specific to their grade level. 3rd-4th grade, 5th-6th grade, 7th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade workshops are offered monthly focused on math, science, engineering and technology projects. As appropriate, each Scholar is required to participate in the GSP Annual Science Fair and Engineering competitions, STEM Field Trips and our Outdoor Adventure Camps.

Our elementary school STEM programs include MOUSE Squad, an innovative youth development program, which prepares and supports students in establishing and managing leading edge computer repair and technical support operations. Science Fun Day includes curriculum on Health and Biomedical Science focused specifically on African American health issues and hands-on SNAP electronics. Our week-long summer science institute allows students to explore STEM concepts in more depth.

Our middle and high school STEM programming include Math Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) and National Society of Black Engineers Pre-College Initiative (NSBE-PCI) enrichment programs that focuses on developing project, technical and leadership skills. Our week-long summer institutes for middle and high school students on local university campuses, research facilities or corporations allow for extended learning in specific areas of Science, Engineering and Math. In additional, our year round Math Academy gives students practical experience with math concepts at their current grade levels.


Academic Planning

Scholar Student Each academic year, the Scholars and their parents receive and are encourage to take advantage of academic services available through the Greene Scholars Program to ensure that they successfully navigate their education and are on track to fulfill the University of California's 'A-G' requirements. Scholars also receive periodic recognition for academic, community service and enrichment activity involvement. Graduating seniors receive GSP sponsored scholarships upon proof of academic enrollment from the college, university, or institution of higher learning of their choice.

Academic Orientation Honor Roll
6 year Academic Planning Science Fair Recognition
Study Skill Training Core Subject Tutoring
Graduating Senior Recognition CAHSEE Prep
Character/Leadership/Entrepreneurial Training

Scholar Student GSP programming is designed to develop 21st century leaders with strong science/mathematics backgrounds coupled with innovation, entrepreneurial/leadership and problem solving skills. Character development is also an essential element of the program. The pillars of character are Caring, Citizenship, Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, and Fairness. At each GSP meeting, both parents and Scholars focus on a single pillar via speaker series, video clips or written material. Scholars are also encouraged to be service ambassadors giving back through community service and outreach.

Josephson Institute Character Achievement Community Service/Outreach
College & Career Preparation

Smiling Students GSP sends 100% of those who successfully complete the program to college. This means that ALL of our students have passed the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE), met the University of California's 'A-G' requirements for college admission, and graduated from high school. Scholars receive powerful enrichment and preparation for college admission exams, college application and financial aid processes. Community outreach attracts guest speakers who promote STEM career opportunities, discuss industry trends and emphasizes academic rigor required. Alumni have been awarded over $500,000 in college scholarships from universities, companies, foundations and civic and professional organizations. GSP alumni have already established themselves as "people-to-watch" and are poise to become 21st century leaders.

GSP Senior Academy GSP Career Fair
PSAT/SAT/ACT Prep Workshops Summer Internships
GSP College Prep Workshops Career Speaker Series
Industry Tours Mentorship Program
Resume Preparation AKA Baccalaureate
Parent Education & Involvement

Family Parents are required to volunteer four hours per month. Leveraging their technical expertise and individual leadership, parent performs specific roles in the organization until their Scholar graduates from high school, averaging 10-15 hours per month. In addition to supporting the needs of the program, parents also receive powerful enrichment, best practices and strategies for engaging and motivating their children. As program ambassadors, parents participate in community and educational forums.

Operations Advisory Committee NSBE
New Family Orientation Fundraising and Grant Research
Monthly Parent Enrichment Meetings  GSP Senior Academy  
Family Dinner Nights Student Services
GSP Annual Science Fair Annual Gala and Souvenir Booklet
GSP Annual Career Fair
Revenue and Fundraising
Scholar STEM Programming Cultural Relevant Activities  
Summer Science Institutes GSP Website and Media Relations
Math Academy Book Review Sessions 
Outdoor Adventure STEM Round-table
Why Did WE Become a GSP Family?
My children were A students in school.  Oak Grove School District administrators recommended our children. After talking to the GSP Program Director, we determined the program fitted my needs.
To learn and engage my kids in a higher education environment, and to learn that we individually are part and parcel of the bigger community of friends and family.
I joined GSP to introduce my children to additional math, science and technology education and so they can see African American in these fields.  
Exposure to STEM related activities, opportunities and to meet other parents and scholars with the same goals as well as networking.  
We joined GSP to provide our children with opportunities to learn and apply STEM principles in a fun way, including but not limited to the SSI.  Additionally, we wanted to engage them into an organization comprised of positive and progressing Black boys and girls, led by successful Black adults thus providing excellent role models.  As we have 3 girls, we also feel it important to give them an appreciation for STEM and an understanding that these fields are not solely under the domain of men and that women are successful leaders in the field as well.  
I joined GSP because the programs, philosophy, people and mission align with my values and goals as a parent of two African American girls.  
Would like for my daughters to explore math and science and keep their minds open to options in the field of STEM.  Both are more bent towards the arts, but I hope that they find a way to fuse these disciplines and pursue a career path that is personally and financially rewarding.  
I joined the GSP to have a positive impact on my children by seeing successful African American adults and children work together towards a common goal.  
We joined GSP to encourage and support our son's interest in science.  His little sister came (w/ parents) several times and got excited about what she saw.  Now we have two scientists in the house!  
After our son joined GSP, we decided to put our daughter in the group to help her with her STEM progress.  We also put her in so she would meet new friends and help her get out of her shell.  
To keep my kids connected with other kids that look like them.  I work in the public school system and I saw great decrease in the schools' focus in science.
Our Director

Gloria Whitaker-Daniels​ Dr. Ayodele Thomas has been a parent volunteer for GSP since 2013, and has served as program director since 2015.

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Our Founder

Debra WatkinsDebra Watkins was born in Los Angeles and raised in Pomona, California. After her high school graduation, she studied in France.

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Our Inspiration

Dr. Frank S. Greene, Jr.Dr. Frank S. Greene, Jr. was one of the first African-American pioneering technologists of Silicon Valley.

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Our Staff

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